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The foundation of content is a great story

D Custom, a content marketing agency, talks about how great storytelling is the foundation of all good content

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Chipotle debuted a new commercial during the Grammy Awards and has generated huge buzz ever since. Twitter and other social networks immediately blew up with praise of the ad spot, which is the restaurant chain’s first national advertisement.

The commercial is an animated short film that tells the story of a farmer who grows his farm into an industrial food empire before realizing he needs to return to his roots to achieve a more sustainable future. The animation is paired with an atmospheric cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” by none other than country great Willie Nelson, which sets the stage for the tone of the whole story. But what makes their commercial so special?

I just told you—it’s a story. It grabs you in the first frame, and as the story unfolds you feel genuine emotion (something burritos alone inspire in few people). It goes past pushing Chipotle’s name, product, or views and into the deeper philosophy of what makes Chipotle unique. In fact, it’s not until the very end of the spot that you catch a glimpse of the brand name. Every bit of the piece is clearly thought out, from the animation style to the masterful way the soundtrack is used.

This is a fantastic example of what we encourage every company to do—tell your story.  For Chipotle, their story isn’t about burritos. It’s about the quality ingredients in those burritos and where those ingredients come from. The magic of your content strategy lies in finding a way to connect with your audience beyond the product or service. That connection is what becomes your brand story.

Channels—from a Twitter post to a blog article to a press release—are simply the vehicles you use to tell that story. The story should embody what your brand stands for without pushing it in your audience’s collective face; if you tell it in the right way to the right people, their affinity for your brand will grow naturally. And nobody’s going to want to listen if your message isn’t well-crafted and highly targeted. Take the time to tell your brand’s story in a unique and creative way and find the ways to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Chipotle is already popular, both as a restaurant and as a brand that encourages sustainable food industry practices. But thanks to a national television spot and over 5 million views of the commercial on their YouTube page, they’ve likely made even more brand fans just by telling a great story instead of merely pushing product. Don’t you want results like that for your company?

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