Managing Editor

Abby Kinsinger

When she’s not working on her classic adventure novel, Googling unsolved mysteries, or appearing as an extra in your favorite shows and movies, Abby Kinsinger is a managing editor at D Custom. Hailing from McKinney, Texas, this adventure-seeker is constantly on the move and thrives on the company of others — a classic extrovert. After earning a degree in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma, she took her storytelling skills into the publishing world. Starting her career as an editor for American Way magazine, Abby wrote travel essays and celebrity profiles for more than 16 million monthly readers. Now that she has turned to marketing, Abby sprinkles a little magical storytelling dust on results-driven content for her diverse scope of clients. Uncovering each company’s story is the challenge this storyteller takes on with every D Custom project she manages — and whether it’s insurance, HVAC, or housing, she adds that little spin that keeps readers coming back for more.


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