Managing Editor

Brian Kendall

Raised a military brat, Brian Kendall has pitched a tent from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. Just 21 states remain in his quest to visit every U.S. capital, and it’s a safe bet that his trusty Chuck Taylors will get him there — he wears them far more frequently than your average millennial. Last time he clicked his rubber heels he landed at 750 N. Saint Paul St., where he manages B2B and B2C content for a wide range of clients as a managing editor for D Custom. Brian spent five years creating online content for editorial outlets such as, Speak Social, Horns Illustrated, and With a combined journalism and marketing background, he looks at online content through the lens of a beat writer, seeking stories that will strike a chord with each unique audience he serves and drive client goals. Brian’s deep understanding of the role content plays in creating a brand and building a loyal audience makes him a star player on our award-winning edit team.  


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