Director of Content Development

Catherine Adcock

Our fearless content leader hails from right here in the heart of Dallas. After college, this Rice University grad dove headfirst into the fast-paced world of New York City publishing and lived to tell the tale. With 10 years laboring in the digital and print magazine industry under her belt, she saw the light and made the move to marketing. Catherine’s previous experience sharpened her skills as a storyteller, giving her a keen insight into the kinds of stories people actually want to hear. From there, she began spinning strategic tales across media for major retailers, international logistics companies, nonprofits, city governments, and more. What’s her favorite part of working at D Custom? Taking our clients’ messaging and driving results with an aligned, omnichannel approach. Outside the office, you can catch her running long distances, practicing yoga, or hanging with her rescue mutt, Mel. Oh, and she makes a mean hummus.


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