General Manager

Jas Robertson

Just like a successful baseball club, a content marketing team needs a solid general manager to oversee operations. With over 10 years of marketing experience, our trusty GM makes sure our team hits home runs every time. Did we mention that Jas loves to speak in metaphors? One of his favorites: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” We don’t know what that means, either. Running what he calls his “dream team,” Jas balances dual roles — overseeing client programs and acting as head of operations. His plate may be full, but he always has time to talk tech — you’re guaranteed to find the latest and greatest gadget on his desk. Before he came to D Custom, Jas worked as a market strategist, account executive, sales manager, and media buyer. What does he love most about working at D Custom? The chance to work alongside smart client teams on a wide range of content projects.


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