Writer and Editor

Laurie Wegman

You know those celebrity voice-overs on TV, the radio, and online — the ones where you can’t quite pinpoint the familiar voice? Just ask Laurie. She has an uncanny ability to identify the voice and “hear” people talk, which translates quite nicely for a writer who must match style and tone to content and marketing messages.

Laurie has been professionally writing and editing content for magazines, websites, and social media for 17 years. She’s worked with global and local brands in high tech, financial services, law, commercial real estate, retail, professional services, lifestyle, and beauty.  She’s written books and national blogs, video scripts and stories, advertisements, articles, essays … and anything related to business and marketing communications.

When Laurie isn’t writing, she’s thinking about writing. She’s an eternal optimist with energy for days and an appreciation for just about every sitcom ever made.