IT Systems Administration

Matthew Shelley

Matthew is one of those uniquely creative yet technical personalities that is rare to find. He has a sharp eye and mind for the aesthetics and technology we live by at D Custom. Not only does he ensure we have the technical prowess and support we need, but also that we have the software and hardware in place to produce award-winning content designs.

Matthew makes sure that our creative, editorial, and account services teams have the tools needed to deliver, and that our clients have the interfaces necessary for collaboration. He outfits us with the best visual displays, the latest Adobe Creative Suite solutions, content management platform(s), and production equipment for top-notch video and film. And Matthew doesn’t just lead our incredible IT team — he can also be found with a camera in hand doing professional photography work for the company. He’s always full of humor and ready to tackle simple and complex solutions to keep us running at top speed for our clients and partners.

In addition to computers, Matthew loves cats, travel, his family, and composing funny email messages.