Digital Media Strategist

Paris Dahlstrom

With thousands of tweets cropping up every second and algorithms changing daily, if there’s one thing you can say about social media, it’s that it never stops. The same thing goes for Paris, D Custom’s social-savvy digital media strategist. She’s the face behind our clients’ social media channels: constantly combing through their pages to engage with their audiences, answer their questions, and make sure that every piece of content gets seen by the right people. With a Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications from Oklahoma State University, Paris puts her skills to work for numerous agency clients daily, helping them evolve their brands through smart social strategies. Paris’ favorite part about social media is the way it’s changed customer service for brands by putting them in direct, instant communication with their audience. (That, and the fact that Twitter makes keeping up with the latest Game of Thrones fan theories a cinch.)


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