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Your Social Media Sucks and You Know It

It’s time for a little tough love: Your social media might suck. If it does suck, you probably already know it.

A social media account that does nothing to drive consumers to buy your products or visit your webpage — or anything else for that matter — isn’t living up to its social media potential. But don’t worry. This is an intervention.

How do I know if my social media sucks?

Look for these warning signs that point to your brand’s social media accounts sucking, and then make some changes:

You don’t have any engagement…

Consumers look to social media to connect to a brand. When consumers are pleased or displeased with whatever you’re selling, they will let you know. As soon as someone sends a tweet or posts a Facebook comment, they expect an answer within minutes or hours — so give them exactly that. And as critical as it is to listen to this feedback and respond — it’s just as critical to design a social media strategy that invites interaction.

You have an unapproachable voice — or no voice at all…

Whether you try your hand at light-hearted toilet humor or stick to a conversational business approach, it’s important to strike a tone that represents your brand and doesn’t put off readers. Don’t let an intern try their hand at a social media post without first going tone and style and giving them some supervision.

You have no strategy in place…

It seems like social media was built for spontaneity, but when it comes to marketing, even spontaneous posts need some structure (and proofreading). This may sound harsh, but if you can’t identify the target audience and goal of each post, chances are you are just pushing content out there with no purpose. We’re not trying to be buzz-kills — above all, social media should be fun to work on — but it should be fun with a tangible goal in mind.

Your messages don’t align…

It seems like saying one thing on Facebook and another on Twitter might be a good idea; after all you don’t want readers to get bored with repetitive messages. But actually, you want to make sure your messages align across channels. The wording may change, but the content subject matter stays the same. When this is effectively executed, we see a lift in subject reach — more people are seeing the same message — because it’s being amplified.

You aren’t measuring your results…

And on the other end of the spectrum, not taking advantage of measurement and analytics all but guarantees your effort will be wasted. If you aren’t measuring the impact of your posts, how will you know what to do in the future? It’s important to remain focused on continuing to grow your social media accounts’ audiences, and to do this you have to optimize your program based on performance. Don’t know what to measure and when? Let me know; I can help you get started. Rise above those who really suck and put some thinking into your program. You’d be surprised how much this can help. How do you keep your social media accounts from sucking? Let us know your ideas on one of our social channels, here, here, and here.