Sharing Is Caring: The Future of Marketing

You use social media to share updates, links, contests, what food you ate, etc. Companies do much the same but also need to share content beyond the Twitter-sphere. This is where social amplification and sharing is caring comes in. When you’re building content, think about how it will be promoted. Optimize for those channels.

Creating Shareable Content

So how do you actually make your content as “shareable” as it can be? There are some basic best practices that have proven effective over the long haul:

  • Use images: We’re visual creatures and an interesting image simply catches our eye better than a block of text, no matter how compelling the headline. Add an image to your social media posts, and they’re more likely to be shared. Tweets with photos, for example, get 35 percent more retweets on average.
  • Post at the best time: Each network has its own ebb and flow of user engagement. While this will take some research and experimentation, you can determine what time of day and day of the week your target audience is most active on social media. If your posts are seen by more people, they’re more likely to be shared.
  • Keep it brief: While the actual content you’re distributing can be of essentially any length, most people don’t read whole articles before deciding to share or comment on them. According to traffic analysis firm Chartbeat, 10 percent of people never scroll, and most people only get to the 60 percent mark of an article. Brief, compelling headlines, interest-arousing summaries, compelling leads, and highly visual posts are the most likely to be shared.
  • Learn the ins and outs of each network: You don’t need to be active on every social channel out there — some will be better for reaching your target audience than others. But spend some time studying how the ones you do use work and how you can utilize them to reach the most people.
  • Test! Try out and measure different headlines and content excerpts to see what resonates best with your audience. A/B testing can be helpful in this process to see how your potential choices fare in a head-to-head experiment.

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