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Beyond ‘Likes’: Facebook Ads That Get Results

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Your status update says, “Facebook ad budget was just approved. Ready to increase our brand’s reach!” Just kidding. It actually says, “Is it happy hour yet? #Its5oclockSomewhere.” But really, when you get the green light to start spending your advertising dollars on Facebook, what comes next? Let’s discuss the basics of creating effective Facebook ads, choosing audiences, testing your ad elements, calling your audience to action, and schooling yourself in Facebook marketing strategies. We’ll also look at a helpful little content marketing tool — the boosted post.

Creating effective Facebook ads

Find Your Audience

Sure, you want to reach all 1.5 billion of Facebook’s active users. But you’re much better off using audience selection tools to narrow your reach. Choose a location as broad as multiple countries or as specific as a ZIP code. You can also refine your audience by age, gender, education, career, relationship status, life events, and more. Find those who prefer microwave cooking or vegan clothing, if you wish.

Test Everything

Facebook’s Power Editor is a Chrome browser plug-in that lets you manage all your Facebook ads, make bulk edits, and test your ads. You can split ads by audience segment, compare the same ad in a sidebar versus the news feed, and duplicate ads to tweak and test variables.

Tell Your Audience What to Do

Your audience is clicking and scanning fast, so it’s important for your ad to captivate them. Whether your call to action is to like a page for a discount code, buy a sale item now, download an app, or something else, make it easy before they scroll down to another cat video or baby photo. Facebook’s Call to Action buttons at the top of your brand page might also help.

Give Your Posts a Boost

One of my preferred content marketing tools is Facebook’s “Boost Post” function. This handy feature lets you amplify posts that are already popular among followers with strong content. When you boost a post, you can target it to an audience you select, no matter how large or small.

“Like” This

Facebook for Business is the social network’s primer on making and running pages, creating ads, promoting your brand’s apps, and more. It’s valuable for newcomers and a great tool for old hands to stay up-to-date.

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