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Five Ways to Use Facebook Likes

Facebook likes illustration

They like you! They really like you! Facebook likes don’t translate into spendable cash — unless you’re a Kardashian — but if you use them right, they can inform a marketing strategy that will ultimately improve the bottom line. So before you start making friendship bracelets, your new social media buddies can help your business measure engagement and increase visibility.

More specifically, here are five ways to use Facebook likes (and those other emoticons, too) to your marketing advantage:

Give ’em what they want.

If you have a piece of content that has two likes versus another that has 20 — that’s actionable data. Why did they like the second piece better? What about it encouraged more engagement? How can you use this information for future content here and elsewhere in your marketing strategy?

Make sure they have your back.

When influencers promote your content on their Facebook feed, how many likes did they receive? That number can tell you if it’s a good match and whether their audience aligns with yours.

Send out party invites.

Don’t rely on Facebook likes alone to spread your message. Paid promotion and targeted messaging are key to getting the word out there. Facebook’s targeting tools can ensure that your message is directed to users who are most likely to find your content engaging. If you’re launching a new messaging strategy, consider putting paid promotion behind it to give it more visibility.

Make plans for a reunion.

Keep the conversation going outside of Facebook by encouraging fans to share their email address. Plenty are willing to give away their entire friend list and birthday information just to find out which ’90s heartthrob they resemble or which dog breed they’ll reincarnate as, so I’m pretty sure they can be incentivized to give you their email address.

Choose your friends wisely.

Instead of using Facebook likes to validate your ego, use them to validate whether Facebook is the right social media channel for your business. If you’re consistently not getting likes on your page or content on Facebook, but your Instagram feed is a hit, then realign your strategy to reflect that.

Make yourself even more popular without selfies or squad goals by incorporating some of Facebook’s new tools, such as Instant Articles or Facebook Live. And contact us for more tips on how to turn your content from tiresome to trending.