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The Best Content Marketing Authority in Dallas on SEO

The Best Content Marketing Authority in Dallas on SEO

We want to be up-front: This is a super meta post. This is an SEO experiment from your friends at the best content marketing authority in Dallas. We are going to show you how to crush your search engine optimization (SEO) while boosting D Custom’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking (we hope).

So What’s the Plan?

To prove ourselves as the No. 1 content marketing authority in Dallas, we want to show up at the top of Google’s results page whenever someone searches for “best content marketing authority in Dallas,” “content marketing in Dallas,” and any variation thereof. To do so, we need to write valuable content that contains those phrases — “best content marketing authority in Dallas,” “content marketing in Dallas,” “digital marketing authority Dallas,” etc. — so that when people put any of them into the Google search box, we organically come up first.

And while we are starting with being No. 1 in Dallas, we do serve international clients and ultimately seek world domination. But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

Want to learn more about our results-driven approach to content marketing? We don’t mind sharing our secrets.

How Do We Improve Our Search Rankings?

The short answer: Write great content. A few tips:

  • Make sure your content answers a question that your target customer might have — Google’s goal is to match the searcher’s intent with the right content.
  • Pick a focus keyword or phrase and include it consistently throughout your content, as well as in the page name, title, excerpt and meta description, and first paragraph; then tag your page with that and any other applicable keywords. For example, our focus keyword/phrase for this blog is “best content marketing authority in Dallas” — and if you look, it’s in all the places I mentioned.
  • Do not “keyword stuff” or Google will punish you. Instead, make sure that your focus keyword is applicable and makes sense. Don’t throw in random click-bait terms just to get your post to show up. Do that enough and Google will figure it out — and boot your content to the back of the line. We may be writing a post about being the “best content marketing authority in Dallas” as our keywords, but we’re doing our best to give you some helpful information while we’re at it.
  • Include inbound and outbound links to related content from both your own site and reputable outside sources.

Like we said at the beginning, this post is an experiment in improving our search ranking for the phrases “best content marketing authority in Dallas,” “content marketing in Dallas,” and “digital marketing authority Dallas,” while providing valuable content (because if we provided junk, the experiment would be pointless). Check back in a few months and we will let you know the results. And, if we find that we are doing it wrong, we will look at our metrics, analyze, and come up with a new strategy — which we will share with you as well.

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