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Real Talk: Would You Read Your Own Content?

It’s not you — it’s us. Just kidding, because it’s most definitely you, and you need to do something to fix it. Just because you have a blog on a website does not mean anyone is reading it. And if they are reading it, that doesn’t mean anyone is enjoying reading it. So why have a blog if your content sucks? What is your content ultimately achieving?

Would you read your own content?

It might be hard to think about, but it’s helpful. Think about the blogs you visit. What do they have that yours doesn’t? How long does your blog take to get to the point? Is the tone conversational and inviting or too business-oriented and formal? Would you share your own blog on a social media account?

What’s wrong with your blog?

It’s a mess. Clean copy is as important as any other aspect of your company. Would you greet a customer unshaven and in dirty and stained clothes? Bad punctuation or grammar affects how customers perceive and whether they trust your company. Think before you publish and always have a proofreader.

It’s boring. This goes back to thinking about whether you would read your own blog or not. If you wouldn’t read it, what makes you think anyone else would? Get creative with your blog posts. Don’t publish a lackluster or bland blog post out of fear of driving away a potential customer.

It’s not about the customer. This seems like common sense, but a lot of times it is overlooked. Always keep the customer in mind. What do your customers like? What drives them to buy more? What kind of content would make them stick around on your blog? Think about what’s interesting to the customer as opposed to what’s interesting to you.

You talk at them, not with them. Keep your blog posts conversational. Think about it like a first date. You want to get to know more about them and then adapt the conversation to fit their needs. Customers tend to have a higher tolerance of being sold to when they are reading corporate blogs, but do not abuse this.

There is no strategy in place. Maintaining a blog should be planned out as much as anything else in your job. Having a strategy in place helps you avoid several problems.

It doesn’t work across all channels. Blog content should also be able to adapt to several channels: everything from digital to email to social media. Think about all channels before publishing a blog post. Want to learn more about how to turn your content into something customers want to read? Check out what our director of client services has to say.