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Getting to the Human Element: Engaging Content

Getting to the Human Element: Engaging Content

To increase your marketing engagement, follow this very basic rule of human connection: Dancing like a robot — good; sounding like a robot — bad.

Impersonal, third-person communication stinks. We can all agree that to succeed at getting your message across to anyone, it has to connect with them on a human level.

Follow these four steps to do just that:

Four steps to creating engaging content

  1. Approach the audience from a place of understanding. What are their pain points? What do they want to read about? What benefit will they get from listening to what you have to say? The fastest way to fail at this is to push — push the message, push the sales pitch, and push the agenda — on increasingly frustrated targets. Pushy marketing is no more welcome than pushy people.
  1. Use a conversational tone and style. Read through your message: Can you imagine someone speaking that way? Are you using corporate jargon that everyone hates (“At the end of the day, let’s peel back the onion to reveal our game-changing core competencies and synergizing services.”), or have you chosen stronger, more concise words and phrases that actually move the conversation forward? Are you using a first-person narrative to foster a connection, or have you resorted to impersonal college-term-paper third person? Let’s put it this way: Unless you’re LeBron James, it’s best not to use third person.
  1. Strive to be as transparent as possible. By giving customers insight into your process, business philosophy, and day-to-day operations, you make yourself available for an honest and open relationship. There is no benefit to keeping your secret sauce a secret when there are so many competitors offering similar, lesser-quality options.
  1. Favor authentic stories and anecdotes over abstract trends. Feature real people with real problems and real solutions in your messaging. Stock images and perfect story lines are only good for selling picture frames or #luckygirl Instagram posts.

No matter how many hours we stare into our devices, we’re still human beings and prefer to be treated as such. By embracing that and tweaking your approach, you’ll make lasting, loyal connections. Need help making your content more engaging? Contact us.