How Execution Translates Across Industries

It’s 10 p.m. somewhere; do you know where your industry’s audience is? You already know that content marketing execution doesn’t look the same from industry to industry, but it’s not always as simple as saying that consumers prefer Facebook while tech decision-makers hang out on LinkedIn.

Great content execution

The most successful content marketing strategies map this in detail rather than relying on assumptions, and they adapt when the data delivers unexpected information.

Where is your industry’s audience active?

For example, conventional wisdom says you’ll find B2B audiences on LinkedIn and Google Plus, while consumer audiences gravitate to Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest. One of our B2B clients turned out to have a surprisingly large and active audience in private Facebook groups, where dealers, technicians, and sales reps gather to chat about technical issues, new products, and trade shows.

That’s unusual for B2B, but the core audience of skilled tradespeople finds Facebook a convenient, familiar platform for shoptalk.

One of our B2C clients reaches its audience through Facebook along with Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. But they also reach consumers through email newsletters and print magazines — a wide array of channels for an industry reaching out to a broad consumer audience.

In that case, the content varies a lot by channel. Because Pinterest appeals mainly to a female audience, the client’s content there focuses on home, gardening, cooking, health, and family — topics that perform well with Pinterest users. The client’s blogs, on the other hand, see more traffic to posts about the company’s areas of expertise, while the print magazine serves an audience interested in regional travel, lifestyle, home maintenance, and holiday events.

Where is your audience in the buying cycle?

At the front end of the buying cycle, when your audience is doing its initial research and you’re raising awareness, lighter forms of content like tips and blog posts do really well across a number of industries. Technical content does well here if it’s short and to the point.

When your audience moves further into the buying cycle and is researching in depth, then white papers and technical documents are what most B2B buyers are looking for. B2C buyers at this stage are seeking out case studies and testimonials relevant to their situation. Pay attention along the way so you can meet your industry’s audience where they are with the content they need.

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