Creating Mobile-Friendly Content for a Multitasking Audience

Millennials have no idea how it used to be without mobile-friendly content. Without smartphones, extended bathroom breaks often meant thumbing through old National Geographics instead of checking up on the latest fashion trends via Google.

But today? I’d wager a fairly high percentage of social media updates occur when people are actually indisposed. That’s right; your aunt might have been in the bathroom when she wrote that recent Facebook post about The Bachelor.

Creating mobile-friendly content

Distracted by Nature’s Call

We all know your customers do more web surfing on mobile than on desktop computers. The average user spends 195 minutes per day on his or her smartphone, and 81 percent of smartphone users claim they keep their phone near them “almost all the time during waking hours.”

Those surfers swiping and scrolling through your site are also commuting to work, in a meeting, or — ahem — in the restroom. A mobile-friendly site is key, but to truly optimize, you’ve got to optimize the copy itself.

Making Copy Move Smoothly

The key to writing mobile content involves putting readers first and providing them a straightforward experience that is conscientious of their needs.

Most of your readers will be scanning — not reading. If they have to work to figure out what’s important, they’ll move on to another site.

So boil your message down to key points — there’s no room for fluff. And guide the reader through the information, making critical information obvious. Lists, bullet points, and subheads help here. However, if you have to write something that involves paragraphs or long sentences, put the salient information first, not last.

Design can also offer a helping hand here by creating an experience that provides as much on-screen content as possible without making them swipe, scroll, or tap.


Your mobile readers aren’t giving you their full attention. They’re probably “multitasking.” Make their web experience a smooth one by optimizing your copy and your site design.

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