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Keep It Simple, Stupid: 3 Rules For Front-End Web Development

You know about back-end website development, since you already read the first part of this blog post. If you’re comfortable with that foundation — no going back now unless you want to spend a lot of time and money — then it’s time to focus on the site’s front end (the part that everyone gets to see and interact with).

Winning with Front End Web Development

Less Is More

With websites, think less about showing off and more about making it fast and easy to navigate. Website design is no longer the place to display flash expertise but rather visual restraint. You don’t need an ornate, gold-trimmed winding double staircase in your house, especially if it makes it nearly impossible to get through the front door. Don’t be fooled — it takes talent to create something simple and agile. Spend your time and budget focusing on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to achieve that result.

Pro Tip: Nothing can torpedo site traffic faster than technical bugs. Pay attention to pest control.

Creativity Counts

Today, you need to feature fresh, useful, original content to make Google pay attention to your site (besides simple indexing). Gone are the days when you awkwardly jam magic keywords into every other sentence to grab the top spot in search results. Rather, sharp writing, original art, and compelling videos will improve your results. The great Google brain knows when your site is being shared, how much time people are spending with your content, and how relevant it is to users. It’s pretty simple: Google’s job is to help users find the best content; your job is to provide it.

Pro Tip: Keep politics private. When designing site navigation, prioritize user needs over internal departments’ desire for the spotlight.

Open House

Time to crank up that PR machine and get the word out on your new website. Social media, email blasts, even informal word-of-mouth will benefit your website traffic. But don’t kick the old site to the curb just yet. You shouldn’t cover up original hardwood with carpet just because it hasn’t been refinished. Every new website has its kinks and launch pains, so it helps to have something to fall back on until it’s truly dependable.

Pro Tip: First impressions count. Follow through on your strategy from day one, whether you have two visitors or 20,000.

We’ve covered a lot of ground here. Contact us for more advice on how to move forward with your website development.

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