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No Experience Necessary: Make Interns Part of Your Team

D Custom interns

Here at D Custom, we love our interns. And apparently, they love us back. Perhaps that’s because they haven’t fetched a single cup of coffee and haven’t stuffed a single envelope. We try to make the intern experience mutually beneficial, to involve them in meetings and brainstorming sessions, and to diversify their workload.

Don’t believe me? We’ll let our interns tell their own story of their spring semester at D Custom. Hopefully it will provide some insight into a successful internship program from the other side and might give prospective interns a glimpse into what we’re looking for. (Interested in joining the D Custom intern program? Learn more.)

D Custom Interns

Allison Moore, marketing intern

“I had zero content marketing experience when I started my internship with D Custom. As the overall marketing intern, I have gotten to wear many hats. I have been a writer, an editor, an industry analyst, and most importantly, I have been a part of the D Custom team. Everyone in this office has taught me something invaluable: how to measure social media analytics, how to write blogs, and even how to make the best guacamole on the planet. Every day is truly different. The office is full of sparkling personalities who all mesh together to create a well-oiled content marketing machine, and they all continually learn from each other. It’s bursting with ideas you can see transform from imagination to a print publication. The projects we are given aren’t just busy work. They involve us in valuable work and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I was always included in each step of the process and it pushed me to tap into my creative side a bit more. This internship has challenged me to branch out into the agency world, and I’m so glad I did.”

Eunice Archilla, editorial intern

“When I think about what it means to be an intern, I imagine someone who will be making copies all day, along with making coffee runs, but that’s not what it’s like at D Custom. My internship as an editorial assistant has opened my eyes to an industry that I was oblivious to, and I find myself really enjoying it. I’ve gained experience in writing for blogs at D Custom and proofreading. Another great thing about the internship program at D Custom is that they offer education classes. Free fitness classes are also offered weekly. The culture is inviting, and as an intern, I feel free to ask questions without feeling intimidated. The experience I’ve gained as an intern has been extremely valuable, and it’s been a much-needed stepping stone for my career after college.”

Amanda Rule, social media intern

“Life at D Custom is undoubtedly unique. I have been able to observe everyone collaborate and create while still allowing his or her individuality to shine through. That is the beauty about the culture here at D Custom; the people truly feed off of each other, truly respect one another, and definitely know how to intertwine fun into a workday while still producing impressive and envious work. It is a small agency that feels like a giant family and I have truly fallen in love with the culture here at D. A typical day for a social media intern is comprised of scheduling social media content for D Custom and various client platforms. Along with contributing to campaign ideas, I have learned more about SEO, Google Analytics, and been in charge of the Instagram account. Most importantly, I have been allowed to release my creativity under the guidance of my incredibly awesome bosses. It has been an incredible experience interning here.”

If you’d like to be part of our next batch of interns, learn more about the program here, and contact us if you need advice for improving the intern experience at your company.