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Social Listening: The World’s Largest Cocktail Party

Social listening graphic

You were probably expecting to learn about some swanky, black-tie affair. I apologize for getting your hopes up, but this massive social gathering is far from exclusive — anyone can access it from any electronic device. Just take a look at Twitter.

Practice social listening

Each month, 320 million social butterflies post their thoughts, complaints, or needs in 140 characters or less, hoping someone is paying attention. This is where companies have the opportunity to collect valuable information from their followers.


At a party, you wouldn’t talk about yourself the entire time or else the other guests will get sick of you. Social listening is essential to perfecting the art of tweeting. You aren’t on this social platform to be antisocial, right?

Post quality content to get followers talking. Listen to what they have to say about it. Content can be about your company or can focus on current events or industry trends. Listening feeds your business with new perspectives.


While listening is important at any gathering, the conversation can only continue if you respond. If a follower takes the time to respond to your content, it’s important to reply. These conversations build new customer relationships and create traffic for your brand.

Continue sharing interesting content that generates interactions with your followers, and respond accordingly while taking something from the encounter.

Now you’re set for your next cocktail party — especially one where anything you say lives on the Internet forever. For more helpful tips on social listening, contact me or visit our blog.