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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

With simple words, iconic illustrations, and timeless tales, Dr. Seuss left an indelible impression on those whose imaginations went beyond the walls of their classrooms. As we celebrate the birthday of a gifted artist, it reminds me that we all have a story to tell — and whether it’s a work of fiction, our own personal narrative, or the origins story of a successful business, good things happen when they’re shared. 

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the D Custom team spent the morning at a local elementary school, where we helped pass down the magic of Seuss’ classic tales as a part of National Read Across America Day. As the children gathered cross-legged on the floor, their giddy reactions to “The Cat in the Hat” and “Horton Hears a Who!” inspired me. While I can only hope my content gets the same wide-eyed amazement, laughter, and applause, it certainly doesn’t stop me from trying.

Speaking of trying, I decided to take a stab at writing my own Seussish story. While “Green and Eggs and Ham” it is certainly not, I hope you enjoy it — a little, or a lot. 


Take a close look and you will see, there’s a town of Dops in every tree.

They live their lives like you and me, wondering which foods to eat and movies to see.

Dops put on their shirts one arm at a time; they might fall in love or commit a crime.

But this tale is about a Dop company who are jolly and kind. 

CEO Dop, CMO Dop, and COO Dop, they all get along fine.

They sell quigglydoos and squigglydees — things every Dop needs when they live in the trees.

Their shop is big and their spirits are high.

But when they open their doors, no Dops come by. 

“Why,” they wonder, “are we passed with such ease?”

“After all, these doos and dees are a necessity for those in the trees.”

Then CEO Dop gets mad, CMO Dop gets sad, and COO Dop has never felt so bad.

But one day, entering their shop, comes a tall skinny Dop;

He has shiny red shoes on and calls himself Mop.

“Hello,” he says, his voice pleasant and clear — “I am here to make all of your troubles disappear! 

“If you listen to me with your big furry Dop ears, then your shop will stay open for years, and years, and years

“Whether you sell quigglydoos or squigglydees; so long as the world knows them, you will succeed.

“Right now, no one knows what you do in this big bright store; and you might as well empty your shelves and empty your drawers.

“See, you have to tell other Dops what it is that you do. Go scream it outside till your face turns blue!

“You must get a sign; one big, red, and wide that says, ‘This Store is Open, So Come on Inside.’

“Then go get a website, start up a blog, and write witty teasers all day and night long.

“And then — just believe me! — I can almost guarantee, you’ll see how quickly you sell those quigglydoos and squigglydees.”

“But how,” CMO Klump interrupts, “can we succeed at all these tasks?” 

“By hiring D Custom,” Mop says. “What a silly thing to ask.”


Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!


The D Custom team