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Intern for the Best Content Marketing Agency in Dallas

Become an Intern for the Best Content Marketing Agency in Dallas

The lives of D Custom interns are scandalous and full of secrets … OK, maybe not quite. Our darkest office confessions are probably forgetting to refill the community coffee pot or the reality of the “D Custom 15” (free barbecue lunches, cake balls, pop-up juice bars … it is a problem).

The truth is that some internships will help you gain hands-on experience by letting you assist with real projects while others will dismiss you to picking up Starbucks and answering phones. Here’s another confession: We’re about halfway through the D Custom internship program, and my experience working for the top marketing authority in Dallas has been the most worthwhile internship I’ve had yet. (Seriously — sometimes, they even bring us coffee.)

Apply now. Thank us later.

Anyone who has had an internship knows that finding the right fit can be overwhelming, so we’ll make it easy: If you want to gain valuable, real-world experience working in the trenches with the best of the best in Dallas content marketing, D Custom is it. To prove my point, I sat down with the other D Custom interns to talk about our experiences so far and all the real-world stuff we think we’d want to know if we were back in your shoes. These are our confessions (*Usher voice*).

What is unique about working at D Custom?

Elissa Evanich, marketing intern: “The people here have a lot of energy, and the whole team is invested in making this internship a learning experience. They’re like, ‘What do you want to do?’ or ‘What do you want to learn about?’ So you kind of get to customize your own internship. For instance, I told them I want to learn about social analytics. As a marketing intern, that’s not technically a part of my job description, but now they’re taking the time to show me how to evaluate our clients’ digital content performance. They want us to learn about whatever we’re interested in, and in such a close-knit, teamwork-oriented environment, there’s always someone willing to teach you.”

What’s an impactful experience you’ve had with the D Custom team so far?

Bella Pepin, social media intern: “I sat in on a brainstorming session with the editorial team once and one of the first things they said was, ‘There are no stupid ideas.’ They made me feel comfortable, and I wasn’t scared to speak up and share my opinion. Now they’re actually using some of my ideas in a campaign. The team here takes you seriously, no matter what your role is.”

What makes this internship different from your previous experiences?

Victoria McGehee, account services intern: “During a previous internship, I was constantly doing things like getting coffee and once had to file papers for a whole week, but here, I have real responsibilities. The work is meaningful, and they take the time to train you through the process. For example, D Custom intermittently organizes workshops specifically for the interns. We recently had one where managers from different departments gave us their tips for being successful in the business. Everyone has a different experience and approach, so you get a well-rounded picture of the many ways you can thrive in the marketing world.”

What are your tips for landing an internship at the best content marketing agency in Dallas? 

Julia Christen, account services intern: “Always be prepared, and when you’re applying, take the time to proofread all of your materials — your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn page, and even emails. And make sure your résumé and cover letter are tailored to the specific position you are applying for — part of being successful in marketing is knowing how to market yourself. Don’t forget to thoroughly research D Custom and D Magazine before you come in to interview, and be prepared with questions of your own. It shows that you’re interested and proactive.” 

5 Tips for Success While Interning With Dallas’ Best Content Marketing Agency 

  1. Study up on content marketing before you start. A lot of people don’t understand what it is or have never heard about it, so people will be impressed if you have a strong understanding of the industry and its practices.

  2. Set goals for yourself and figure out what specifically you want to learn through the program. The staff is more than willing to teach you something new or help out, no matter how busy they are.

  3. Speak up. Contribute. Pitch ideas. They will listen. 

  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — sometimes, it’s the only way to learn. 

  5. Don’t be nervous! Everyone can feel that way when they start a new job or internship, but seriously — the team at D Custom couldn’t be more welcoming.

At the best content marketing firm in Dallas, we’re proud of our work and are constantly on the hunt for ways to make it better — and we as interns are no exception to that mentality. So if you’re ready to join the best of the best, apply now. We promise you won’t regret it.

D Custom’s fall internship program will begin Wednesday, August 29 and end Wednesday, December 5. Applications are now closed, but be on the lookout for applications for the Spring 2019 Internship Program. In the mean time, make sure to read up about us on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn