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12 Things to Know about D Custom’s New Managing Editor

new managing editor david hopkins

David Hopkins comes to D Custom with more than 12 years of experience in content creation and marketing, both within an agency and on the client side. In his many adventures, he helped rebrand a health care company. He developed a marketing strategy and lead-capture campaign for a graduate school in North Texas. He created brand guidelines and a customer journey map for a cookware company. He managed a magazine in the wireless-communications field.

All this information is the basic I-creeped-on-your-LinkedIn fluff. We want to give you the dirt you can’t find anywhere else — 12 facts, one for each year of his wanderings through the perilous marketing terrain, about our favorite editor (not named Annie or Patrick).

1. David once wrestled a mountain lion. Yes, this is technically true. His dad’s friend owned a mountain lion. They went into the enclosure to say “hello” and the magnificent creature pounced on David. It wasn’t much of a fight. David just saw a bunch of white fur as everyone tried to separate them. David will concede victory to the mountain lion, this time.

2. His favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks. He’s been going to the games since the early ’80s. He may have cried a few happy tears when the Mavs won the championship in 2011.

3. David collects meteorites. Actual meteorites. The trick is to purchase specimens only from authorized I.M.C.A. (International Meteorite Collectors Association) members. He keeps his space rocks on display at home. He’s a bit of a nerd.

4. His favorite project, before coming to D Custom, was developing a 16-page explainer on the Affordable Care Act for a business process outsourcing company. The accompanying blog was the most widely visited post for his former agency.

5. As a freelancer, he has written for D Magazine, Dallas Observer, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Image Comics, Oni Press, and Smart Pop Books.

6. In high school, he was the editor-in-chief of his school’s literary magazine.

7. In college, he spent a few weeks in Russia.

8. His wife is an accomplished artist.

9. One of David’s favorite quotes comes from George R.R. Martin: “How about this? I’ll write it. You read it. Then everyone can make up their own mind and argue about it on the internet.”

10. David’s favorite word is “wayward.” He just likes the sound of it.

11. David once gave a TED talk about Benjamin Franklin.

12. He is a gold-medal fundraiser for Extra Life, which supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every year, he creates content to raise money for this important cause.

Welcome to D Custom, David!

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