4 Ways to Make Your Brand Pop Like Pringles

What does music have to do with Pringles? A lot, it turns out. A Pringles promotion from spring 2015 asked fans to turn cans into drum kits; and a few years ago, the company released Crunch Band, an app that turned any smartphone into an air guitar. We’re big Pringles fans around here … not just because those salty little chips are entirely addictive, but also because there’s a lot we can learn from this iconic Kellogg brand’s use of content-marketing strategy.

Here are four golden takeaways to make your brand pop

  • Redefine your market

In 2002, the brand made a clear decision to target a new generation of teenagers and has been consistent in its marketing ever since. Sure, Pringles wants everyone to buy, eat, and love its chips. But that doesn’t stop the brand from focusing on the segment it needs most: teenagers who will become lifelong Pringles eaters.

  • Contemplate a (minor) face-lift

Mr. Pringles appeared on the scene in the late 1960s as a stately gentleman with a classic handlebar mustache, permanently perched on Pringles’ red can of chips. In 2002, he was updated to look more like Mr. Pringles’ nephew … a look meant to appeal to a younger generation of chip lovers. That said, the brand still kept its iconic color scheme when it updated its recognizable mascot. Brand recognition is key.

  • Connect outside the lines

From partnering with Live Nation to give away VIP concert experiences (tickets, airfare, and hotel stay for two) to turning a Pringles’ can into a drum kit and the release of Crunch Band, Pringles uses popular music to connect with its audience — and it’s worked.

  • Keep it simple and consistent

Pringles’ voice is distinctly the same across all mediums and the brand message is simple: You’ll have more fun with Pringles. Whether you’re a party chip or a B2B service provider, know your brand and keep your message simple and consistent across your content channels.

If you think these golden rules of marketing apply only to consumer-facing brands such as Pringles, think again. They apply to consumer-facing and B2B businesses alike.

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