Use Me, Use Me, Because You Ain’t That Average

Want to get rid of those pesky love handles? Exercise regularly and eat your vegetables. Want to kill at marketing your content? Hire a good strategist. While you probably understand why a strategist can help your business, knowing what to expect can help clarify your most important decisions. Here are a few roles they can play for your company.

What does a good strategist look like?

A Dreamer

Just like in health and fitness, you always want to start with goals. Strategists listen to your needs and will break up a broad vision into achievable and measurable benchmarks. Your strategist will develop a clear content vision, create concepts, regulate processes, develop quality-check procedures, and much more.

A Map Maker

You wouldn’t head to a new destination without a map, and the same goes for business goals. Your strategist takes ownership of project management by developing a road map that details processes every step of the way. No more surprises!

A Distributor

Your strategist can help determine how to best get the word out and determine the appropriate channel to optimize customer engagement. For example, an article about information related to your industry may find its home on your main corporate blog. But the target audience looks to LinkedIn for work-related content, so you leverage that channel for amplification.

A Team Player

In order to win the game, you’ve got to communicate with your teammates. But that can be tricky. Always remember that your strategist shares the same goals — promoting your brand and engaging new customers. Make sure to communicate your needs and vision, but allow her to generate a cohesive plan and work with you as a teammate. At D Custom, our strategists keep their ideas focused on how you can best engage customers or promote your brand. Contact us or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more.

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