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The Evolution of the Google Algorithm: How the Information Juggernaut Decides Who Sees Your Content

Google algorithm

“Just Google it!” As the largest search engine in the world, Google is basically the final authority on how people find and access your website. How well your content performs in search results can make or break your marketing efforts, so it’s crucial to understand the Google algorithm and implement a strategy that harnesses the search mogul’s power to your own advantage.

Google algorithm best practices

Hands down, the best strategy for ranking highly in search results is creating unique, high-quality content using good SEO practices. Google wants to connect users with the most relevant and best-quality results possible. So put your best foot forward and you’ll be rewarded.

It’s a two-way street: Just as you want to provide value to customers through your site, Google aims to improve the quality and relevancy of users’ search queries through constant updates to its algorithm.

Take a look at this brief history of the Google algorithm, including major updates that have made an impact on content rankings in search results. GoogleTImeline