We are the Soothsayers: 2016 Content Marketing Trends Report

We’ve gazed into our crystal ball for some content marketing trends to watch for during 2016 in four industries that we know inside and out: business consulting, retail, travel, and technology.

Content Marketing trends to watch

Business Consulting

  • Though it’s been around for at least a decade, account-based marketing (ABM) will hit the mainstream among B2B content marketing teams. This method of tailoring campaigns to individual, high-value targets is already easier than ever, thanks to technological advances and greater availability of dedicated ABM platforms, and the greater ROI will be too tempting to pass up.
  • Forget “content shock;” effective B2B marketers will be putting out more content than ever before across all their channels in 2016.
  • As understanding B2B buyers overtakes lead generation as marketers’ top concern, insight gleaned from sales and customer interviews, buyer’s journey maps, and any other pockets of data will be worth their weight in gold.


  • Brands will try to mimic successful amateur vloggers by producing more of their own video tutorials and product reviews — especially via Periscope — and will encourage customers to share their own experiences and tips for using their products on video.
  • Influencer marketing will remain a huge part of the industry, although prohibitive cost and audience fatigue will lead some brands to seek fresher (a.k.a. cheaper) faces from around the world and around the web to leverage.
  • To compete with the glut of styling subscription services, fashion brands will develop personas that represent their ideal style and/or lifestyle, so that customers can follow and interact.


  • Fuel prices will continue to drop, and so will airfares, allowing travelers to get more love. They’re looking for better service and a better experience. Customers will expect the kind of immediate, real-time flexibility they get with other online service providers — even if the industry is slow to respond.
  • Social media channels and crowdsourcing apps will continue to cater to the whims of millennials, who are mobile and typically take shorter trips. For them, saving time is more critical than saving money, and the more dynamic amenities you can provide, the better. Business travelers will continue to try to fit in more leisure activities during official trips, even if that means spending an extra day (or two!)
  • From Global Entry at customs kiosks to TSA Pre-Check at security checkpoints, growth will continue among programs aiming to expedite mobility and relieve travel hassles, especially to international locales.


  • LinkedIn will remain the platform of choice for buyers searching for education on tech products and services. Non-sales content will be the most effective, sometimes covering topics not directly related to the sharer’s products or services.
  • As the number of entrants to the sector continues to grow, B2C content marketing in health care IT will see explosive growth. Marketing consultants take note — the health-care industry has failed miserably thus far to meet widespread demand for content from consumers.
  • Makers of complex new tech will adopt a more “B2P” (business-to-people) approach in educating their audiences to bridge the gap between the tech people and the C-suite decision-makers. This means more user-friendly content, as in D Custom’s Encryptics campaign.

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