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The New B2B Tech Audience: It’s Who You Know

The right connections are the key to getting into club openings and exclusive parties. The bouncer may not be famous, but he’s a helpful guy to know. That’s also true when you’re trying to reach B2B tech decision-makers.

The New B2B Tech Audience

The digital transformation is changing and expanding the audience for B2B tech companies, and those new key players can give you VIP access to CIOs and IT executives. But the question is: Are you making sure your content marketing strategy is reaching the influencers who can give you the right access?

Aim Lower

It’s tempting to direct all your content to the top of the decision-making chain. After all, the CIO or the VP of IT has the final say, so why not aim straight for them? Like trying to snag a selfie with celebs at those posh parties, you’re competing with everyone else who wants their time and attention (and that’s a lot of people). But there just isn’t enough to go around. Decision-makers rely on people they trust to recommend resources they trust. That means people lower on the ladder have more influence on final decisions than you might realize.

Want to get your content in front of the IT vice president? Tailor it to the needs of the department manager who’s gathering and analyzing product data. He or she can then run it up the chain of command as a recommendation to the VP. Is IT procurement sending out RFPs? Invest in creating winning proposals they’ll take to meetings with higher-ups.

Find the New Influencers

You can use direct and indirect means to find your expanded audience. The most straightforward approach is to simply ask. Friendly interviews with your target audience base, as well as current and potential clients, can pinpoint specific influencers you need to reach with your content marketing.

Supplement this direct approach with lots of social listening for more general intel. Find the people in your field with clout and note who follows them. Once you’ve identified the people who can “get you into the club,” remember to include them as you develop your customer personas.

Help Your Audience Help You

Here’s your invite to the party: Give influencers outside the C-suite turnkey content they can present up the decision-making chain. That means providing more than just general content to draw them in. Help them manage by providing data points they can use in presentations to the big boss.

For example, a mid-level manager performing data analysis for a presentation for his SVP will want the executive to follow his suggestion. That manager’s task is made infinitely easier with relevant and easy-to-scan content that includes data on why your solution is better than others. Infographics, SlideShare presentations, sales team materials, and other quick bites are most useful for these audience members — and are more likely to be seen by the people you ultimately want to reach.

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