Don’t Get Lost, Get Found! Our Guide to Dominating SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is your BFF when it comes to making sure your content reaches the right audience.

At D Custom, our digital media strategy team promotes the SEO way of life for each of our writers and editors, and we urge them to consider our best practices with every piece of content we produce (we’re very persuasive).

Search engine optimization is an important element to consider across all editorial and strategic processes. You probably already know that, but does every member of your team get it?

We created a guide specifically for our writers and editors to ensure they begin the writing process with SEO in mind. We start with a focus keyword or phrase that describes the overall concept, which is then placed strategically throughout every touchpoint in the content for optimization purposes. With this SEO magic and a few other tweaks, we watch our search-engine rankings soar.

Want to know our deepest, darkest search engine optimization secrets? Check out our SEO writing guide (below); we hope that it might send thoughts of focus keywords and meta descriptions dancing in your heads, too. Print it out, save it for keeps, put it up on your wall, and you’ll be the ultimate SEO boss.

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D Custom SEO Best Practices

 SEO best practices

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