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On Point: How to Hit the Bullseye With Target Marketing

Target Marketing bullseye

Ah, the good old days. Remember when milk was a quarter and theaters showed double features during the Saturday matinee? Neither do I, so let’s talk about the good old days of target marketing instead. Targeting potential customers was once a game of Guess Who?, where you narrow down your audience with factors like gender, age, income, lifestyle, and more. But as the marketing landscape evolves, the rules have changed when it comes to scoring a bullseye with your content arrow. 

Traditional demographics still matter, but now successful targeting relies on more information including content consumption habits, interests, and more. Not only do you need to consider what content fits the target audience, but also in what format those potential customers will receive it (e.g., print, blog, social media, etc.). New online tools and apps allow you to hyper-personalize marketing experiences down to engaging them with content they’ve already visited. 

Here are a few of our favorite strategies for effective target marketing

  1. Define your audience. This is where you can still play Guess Who? The goal here is not to limit your reach, but rather to focus your efforts on a wide range of potential customers on the way to your target audience. Clearly define that audience by asking for their demographic info and job status.
  2. Befriend your audience. Just like a good friend knows more about their best buddy than their age and marital status, try to define what your target audience enjoys. What do they do for fun? How do they prefer to shop? What are their biggest marketing pet peeves? Where do they turn for advice on purchases?
  3. Join their conversation. In modern marketing, you can no longer expect your potential customers to come to you. Meet them with tools that track trending conversations through social listening. We rely on Sendible in-house, but we also like TweetStork and Facebook’s audience targeting options to help you connect your brand to customers with related interests.

Contact us for more on finding your target audience, or what to do once you’ve nailed that bullseye. And our blog gives you great tips on shepherding customers through the modern buying cycle.