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Why You Should Be a D Custom Intern

D Custom Intern

When I grow up, I want to be a content marketer. That’s not what I told my middle-school guidance counselor back in the day, but young people are notorious for changing their minds, right?

What role does content marketing play in our lives? Just look around you. It’s not some futuristic science-fiction way of reaching potential customers, but a marketing model that’s very much in the present.

Starting as a D Custom intern

My semester as an intern at D Custom opened my eyes. From Internet clicks to social-media posts, messages, and tweets; to cross-promotion between websites, emails and print products; it’s a dynamic and complex way to target consumers and interact with them.

Classroom with a view

I was completely unaware what content marketing was, since I came from a world of analyzing literature and writing personal essays. So what did I learn? I found a network of creators who deliver quality content. The importance and effectiveness of social media, and connecting a brand to current and potential consumers, really stuck with me.

However, as the name suggests, writing content is just a portion of content marketing. Measuring the performance of a social media post, a magazine, an email, a book, a commercial, etc., is just as critical. Communication and rethinking are crucial, along with being a team player.

For example, when I’m asked to describe what D Custom does, one word comes to mind: everything. From redesigning a website to filming a commercial to writing for a blog, email, or magazine — the tasks are endlessly diverse. And that’s the point. Content marketing isn’t just promoting and polishing your own brand, but also becoming a partner with other companies.

That might seem simple, yet when you work as a content marketer, you must do it all. You look for gaps that need to be filled. You bring new ideas to your clients and look for realistic ways to implement them. You must stay one step ahead of the game, which can be both fun and daunting. Job titles are practically thrown out the window, since each day presents a new set of challenges and deadlines.

An apple for the teacher

Content marketers wear different hats and are pushed to continue to learn about a client, its customers, and the needs that require fulfillment. They think in terms of big-picture ROI one minute, and the smallest details the next. And it all comes together with the smoothness of a well-oiled machine.

On a personal level, it helped bring my career goals into focus, and it might do the same for you. Check out all the internship positions at D Custom throughout the year (the fall deadline is July 1). Apply today, and hopefully you’ll be fortunate enough to snag one.