When was the last time you looked up avocados on Consumer Reports? Or got quotes from avocado salespeople? What about the last time you reached out to your Facebook community for recommendations on the best avocados? Never. So how do you buy them? Very easily. The decision process for buying that creamy green dream is about as long and complex as the walk from the front door of the grocery store to the produce section: short and direct. Avocados From Mexico needed to engage customers and develop brand loyalty in a buying process that doesn’t leave much room for touch points.

Through research, Avocados From Mexico had also discovered that most consumers aren’t very confident when it comes to purchasing avocados. And there’s the rub: Customers need to be educated on avocados, but few, if any, sit down to do research on the topic. We knew Avocados From Mexico needed to draw in the audience and teach them about avocados in a way that seemed natural and enjoyable.


To overcome this challenge, we whipped up a soup-to-nuts content strategy focused on “edutainment” — giving potential customers something fun to read while seamlessly incorporating avocado education. Rather than giving tips without context, the content program targets an active, body-positive audience with “avo lifestyle” pieces on high-engagement themes ranging from beauty to kids to entertaining. Education on choosing, serving, and preserving avocados is gently folded into the stories much like salt, lime, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro into mashed avocado (Bam! Guacamole recipe. Are you not edutained?).

The edutainment strategy is rounded out with targeted social media promotions, high-value content from influencers, and the recommendation for an SEO-friendly hub on the website to house the content, making it easy for the audience to navigate and find engaging posts and videos.



Our content strategy has resulted in a bigger audience for the client through the lifestyle blog, with both sessions and pageviews increasing. As we gather more data with every post published, we are optimizing blog topics, social media promotional copy, and paid amplification strategies to ensure we continue to edutain the right people and help them live the avo lifestyle.



Company Type: Food

D Custom Services: Strategy, Content, Amplification, Optimization, Data

D Custom Content Deliverables: Blogs, social media, influencer content

Results: Bigger audience