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UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern Medical Center is a premier academic research hospital in Dallas that houses some of the leading minds and medical advances in the nation.

The Challenge

Potential patients, donors, and residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area did not know their city was home to one of the top academic medical centers in the country. A common perception was that they could choose any of the city’s hospitals to get specialized care, or that if they needed a specific level of care, they needed to go to Houston to see a doctor at MD Anderson. UT Southwestern needed to establish its place among pre-eminent academic medical institutions in America and build a brand identity as the hospital of choice in the region.

Our Solution

D Custom introduced UT Southwestern to a targeted regional audience of 250,000 in a magazine timed to hit homes during the hospital’s widely advertised 75th anniversary. With a journalistic approach and a focus on storytelling different from any other medical journal or publication, the magazine told a comprehensive story about doctors, researchers, and academics who collaborate on the cutting edge of science and medicine to produce transformative breakthroughs and an unparalleled level of care. Each story focused on a discovery or program that’s redefining a field — told for the curious, educated layperson — and positioned UT Southwestern as the hospital of choice for patients and as an institution that puts the city of Dallas on the map in the national medical arena.


  • Custom publication
  • Long-form articles
  • Presentation assets

The Results

The publication garnered unprecedented attention from donors and civic influencers and became the inaugural edition of a new annual magazine to be published at the end of each year.

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