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Michaela Brandt

When Michaela elected to move from sunny California to windy Oklahoma to attend college because she “wanted a new experience,” it must have led to some serious head-scratching among her friends and family (no offense, Okies). But when you find out that she also requested to switch schools in the third grade so she could “make new friends,” you get the feeling that these venturesome choices are somewhat typical for her. This love of meeting new people and hearing different perspectives is what led Michaela to her current career in marketing. Michaela brought two years of social media strategy experience to D Custom from her role with Smirk New Media, where she learned best practices and strategic uses of social media for brands as if it were an age-old art form. Michaela started as an intern at D Custom and, like she did at Smirk, quickly rose through the ranks to full-time staff. Today, Michaela manages social media programs carrying the message to the (highly targeted) masses for our clients. The Oklahoma Christian University graduate enjoys working through the analytics side of the digital communication puzzle, and she uses her free time to uncover the music scene in Dallas and serial binge-watch Netflix original series.


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