• Blog Tips for Scoring Your Dream Internship — And Making it Worthwhile

    Everyone will tell you that starting with the right internship can be one of the most important moves in kicking off your dream career. What they fail to mention is how daunting and overwhelming it can be to figure out not only what that internship is, but how to make sure it becomes the magic

  • Blog How to Get the Most Out of Your Subject Matter Expert

    In my 20-plus years working in account services, I’ve been a part of more SME, or subject matter expert, interviews than I can begin to remember. I’ll be the first to tell you that a good SME interview can make or break any piece of content. But the reality is that the steps to a successful

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    Influencer marketing has long surpassed one-off promotions. Follow these six trends to stay on top of your game this year.

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    One of the best ways to improve your own marketing efforts is to take hard look at your competitors.

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    Not all trends are good trends, and marketing is no exception. We’re calling out the fads we’re ready to leave behind this year.

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    Expand your influence beyond the major social networks by finding highly engaged audiences on niche sites and apps.

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    Do you know where your content marketing campaign is right now?

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    The financial breakdown of SEO rankings, plus a daily, weekly, and monthly SEO schedule that will help you improve.

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    What your company needs to know about account-based marketing.

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    If you’re not using customer feedback, your business is missing out on an important marketing element.

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    If you want to gain valuable, real-world experience working in the trenches with the best of the best in Dallas content marketing, D Custom is it.

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    Our resident strategy expert weighs in on what makes a “good” bounce rate.

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    The secret to successful CEOs is speaking from a platform different than the podium: personal social media channels.

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    Creativity is key in a workplace like ours. Here are the things we’re doing after hours that help sharpen our skills during the nine-to-five.

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    Marketing has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Has your marketing department?

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    Three telltale signs that your company is ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

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    Infographics can they spread your content in ways traditional methods don’t, thanks to the way our brains process information.

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    Does your company’s email content have what it takes to stay out of the spam folder?

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    There’s a lot more baked into mobile-friendly than just a responsive website or having an app.

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    Everything you need to know about digital audience targeting, straight from our resident expert.

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    Is self-selected advertising the way of the future?

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    Being too specific with brand guidelines can kill designers' creativity, ultimately harming your company.

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    A day in the D Custom account services department is built around a day in the life of our clients.

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    Looking for a new read? We've got some ideas.

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    Using one man's troubleshooting woes to inspire your content marketing keyword strategy.

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    Our strategy intern shares her secret to building an Instagram following.

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    Want to write for a content agency? Here's how we find the best of the best — and how to join their ranks.

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    The real AI in marketing is artificial interactions, which requires human intelligence. Here's how it affects customers.

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    At D Custom, we're good listeners. Check out our favorite marketing podcasts.

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    When working with multiple agencies, here's how to get everyone on the same page — and keep them there.

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    One of our managing editors attended Bonnaroo. Here are some creative marketing insights he picked up.

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    Our resident experts weigh in on which social media platforms are right for your business.

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    Want to edge out your competition? Try an integrated content marketing program.

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    Our journalistically trained managing editors are a key part of how D Custom content marketing works.

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    Use these three tips for building an up-front strategy and avoid falling prey to execute-now, strategize-later marketing.

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    You want a knowledgeable, consistently amazing content marketing partner? Here’s how to find them.

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    D Custom’s directors weigh in on how consultancies are changing the marketing industry.

  • Blog Become a Data Management Master

    Like many content agencies, we at D Custom occasionally get so wrapped up in our clients that we can forget to worry about our own marketing goals. Remember that old adage, "Doctor, heal thyself"? It's kind of like that. "Marketer, market thyself!" In that pursuit, we've spent the past few weeks conducting a high-level analysis of

  • Blog Strategically Overcoming the Rise of Ad Blocking

    In case you missed it, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Google plans to release a new ad-blocking feature that could be included in its Chrome browser.  Obviously, people have a lot of feelings about this. But this would appear to be another effort from Google to improve user experience; and while we may have some

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    Seeking higher SEO rankings? Focus on matching searcher intent, keeping your focus keyword in context, and these other steps.

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    Digital transformation has rewritten the rules of the sales process. Here's what it means for your company.

  • Blog Best Practices in Picking Stock Imagery

    This is Dave. Maybe you’ve seen him around. He’s a doctor. Well, sometimes. Dave is also a chef ... An engineer (with a magic pen!) ... A scientist (maybe?) ... An architect ... And a ladies’ man. Spoiler alert: Dave is — you guessed it! — none of these things. (OK, except maybe a ladies’ man — who are we to say?) He

  • Blog Don’t Miss the Mark(et): A New Generation for Financial Services

    Financial institutions, it's time to take your marketing game to the next level.

  • Blog Taboo Marketing: How to “Go There” and Win

    Toilet humor — you either love it or (we think) pretend to hate it. Few things are as unifying as the porcelain throne, making it the easy butt of many jokes ... and marketing campaigns.  So really it’s no surprise that I found inspiration for this blog while in the loo. Reading a bottle of Poo-Pourri,

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    Live video streaming is making marketing social. How does it fit into your marketing plan?

  • Blog Intern for the Best Content Marketing Agency in Dallas

    The lives of D Custom interns are scandalous and full of secrets ... OK, maybe not quite. Our darkest office confessions are probably forgetting to refill the community coffee pot or the reality of the "D Custom 15" (free barbecue lunches, cake balls, pop-up juice bars ... it is a problem). The truth is that some

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    So your developers have chosen WordPress as a content hub. Here's what you need to know.

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    To celebrate Dr. Seuss' 113th birthday, we took a stab at writing our own Seuss-inspired tale.

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    Posting great content can help your company stand out amid the clutter on LinkedIn.

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    D Custom talks digital marketing, strategy, and how to be the best content marketing firm in Dallas (or the world).

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    2017 is in full swing, but it's not too late to ring in a new and improved marketing strategy.

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    As virtual reality technology advances, marketers are discovering better ways to tell their stories.

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    From Peyton Manning to Deadpool, these surprising content marketing efforts wowed in 2016. Did your favorite make the cut?

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    How Trump used social media to gain an edge over Secretary Clinton.

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    Let’s look at ways to pinpoint the influencers you need to reach and how to get them on board once you have their attention.