Marketing Operations

So you’re in charge of your company’s marketing program? We’ve got you covered with proven advice for running the show.

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    You’ll wonder how you ever lived without an editorial calendar this good.

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    Want to write for a content agency? Here's how we find the best of the best — and how to join their ranks.

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    Cause marketing needs to be part of your B2B strategy. Here’s what you should know.

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    Here’s a look at what — and what not — to say to get through to a creative team.

  • Marketing Operations 14 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Content Marketing Agency

    When it comes to finding a fit with a content marketing agency partner, asking the right questions is half the battle. Companies looking to augment their team with a content marketing agency require a specific skill set, yet many companies don’t know what they’re looking for. There are reputable sources of information on how to approach creative agencies

  • Marketing Operations Does Industry Expertise Matter When Choosing an Agency?

    Experience isn’t the only, or even the most important, factor companies should weigh when selecting an agency.

  • Marketing Operations How to Use Field Research to Develop Audience Personas

    Understanding your customer’s journey starts with immersing yourself in their environment.

  • Marketing Operations The Right Way to Structure Your Company’s Marketing Team

    Marketing has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Has your marketing department?

  • Marketing Operations A Day in the Life of a D Custom Account Services Director

    A day in the D Custom account services department is built around a day in the life of our clients.

  • Marketing Operations 4 Best Practices for Working With Multiple Agencies

    When working with multiple agencies, here's how to get everyone on the same page — and keep them there.

  • Marketing Operations What An Integrated Content Marketing Program Looks Like

    Want to edge out your competition? Try an integrated content marketing program.

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    Key steps to take when incorporating new technology into your business.

  • Marketing Operations D Custom’s Hiring Process

    We’re big believers in having a diverse base of perspectives and experiences at D Custom, but there are a few key traits that all future D Custom associates share.