Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Problem

You can’t turn a corner these days without running into some example of how the digital revolution has transformed lives. And nowhere is this more true than within the enterprise. Just ask today’s technology leaders, charged with fighting through the noise to uncover game-changing ideas. If they don’t evolve, they’ll fall behind. Our client, Fortune 50 technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise, offers these men and women solutions that define the way modern businesses transform. 

To attract more customers and move them along the buying cycle, our client needed a content program that delivered must-have information. It had to provide enterprise leadership with helpful information that kept them in front of coming technology challenges.

THE solution

Our client needed an immersive branded experience that delivered helpful content across channels. To anchor the program, we developed an award-winning digital content platform. It provides a seamless user experience that draws together content types and channels into one easily navigable place.

From there, we launched a larger content program that included click-worthy social media, lead-nurturing email marketing, videos, reports, infographics, podcasts, and an award-winning best-of print publication. This information-rich multimedia experience arms today’s enterprise leaders with the information necessary to lead well into the future. It not only builds our client’s brand, but also attracts new customers and drives account growth and acquisition.