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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Fortune 500 tech company Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides technology platforms and consulting to industry-leading companies to help them digitally transform their businesses.

The Challenge

HPE’s services are valuable to a hugely diverse range of industries, so we needed to create a network of content that was robust, sophisticated, and smart enough to reach them all. The trick was to build a platform that could inform a healthcare professional about how to keep a patient’s data secure or teach a retailer how to use analytics to increase profitability, all in one seamless space.

Our Solution

We pulled everything HPE’s clients would need to know about the evolving digital world into an award-winning, information-rich digital content platform. Through an array of content — including articles penned by high-level HPE employees — we provided valuable, forward-thinking information about what was happening in the tech world both at large and within specific industries.


  • Digital content platform
  • Blogs/articles
  • “Enterprise Forward” microsite
  • Social media
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Paid placement campaigns
  • eNewsletters
  • Custom publication

The Results

The launch of the new Enterprise Services branch resulted in a 313 percent increase of social media visits overnight and a 150 percent increase in visits overnight to Enterprise Forward, the content hub.

In its debut year, the site received 34,487 pageviews from readers in 2,605 cities globally, and it received 26 times as much traffic in its second year with more than 875,000 pageviews.

Over the course of a year, social media amplification garnered over 6.3 million impressions and led to 35,044 pageviews.


Best Agency and Client Content Marketing Partnership two consecutive years.

Four website awards including Best Overall Design, visual appeal, structure and navigation, and Best Use of Responsive Design.

Award-winning podcast, social media campaign, technical writing, integrated campaign, and infographic.

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