It’s the idea economy, stupid. You certainly didn’t have to tell the executives our client, international management consulting firm Insigniam, wanted to court. These formidable men and women, veterans of business, were charged with fomenting innovation in their organizations, discovering the next big things, and staying ahead of industry disruptors. Insigniam was the ideal choice for the C-suite exec looking for aid in the fight for top-line revenue growth and overall business performance enhancement.




In developing a targeted content strategy for Insigniam that would attract new business and expand existing accounts, we discovered the pain points the target audience needed addressed and designed a solution around that. Our multichannel integrated strategy included a brand refresh, redesign of the company website, social media, digital content such as videos and animations, and an award-winning print magazine, Insigniam Quarterly.


The content needed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device for executives who are often on the go — and be delivered in a way that was as innovative as the solutions the readers were charged with discovering. It also needed to help executives around the world transform the world of business and the practice of management and leadership by elevating performance, catalyzing breakthroughs, and realizing remarkable value.