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Insigniam is a management consultancy for executives who want to deliver outcomes that are a break from the past. Business as usual isn’t enough, and breakthrough performance is the standard.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to work with formidable executives and business veterans who were discovering the next big things and staying ahead of industry disruptors in their organizations. Insigniam needed to be recognized as the ideal partner for the C-suite exec looking for help enhancing their business. To win these clients, Insigniam was competing with bigger and better-known consultancies — and to many, these well-established firms were attractive because they were the safe choice.

Our Solution

To compete, we needed to play into Insigniam’s differentiator. Maybe it couldn’t be the “safe” choice — but it could be the smart choice, and to their target audience, this had potential to be an even stronger selling point. To secure this position, they needed to show their affiliation with the kind of high-profile C-suite executives that their audience was or wanted to become. We rebuilt their brand around this thinking. Our multichannel integrated strategy included a brand refresh, a redesign of the company website, social media, digital content (including videos and animations), and an award-winning print magazine, Insigniam Quarterly (IQ) — all featuring forward-thinking content helmed by leading executives from around the world. To spotlight these groundbreaking business leaders, we featured up-close-and-personal coverage, including in-depth profiles and beautiful, professional portraiture. The delivery needed to be as innovative as the solutions the readers were charged with discovering, so the content was made to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device for on-the-go executives.


  • Strategy documents
  • Brand refresh
  • Research
  • Website design
  • Organic social media
  • Blogs
  • Newsletter
  • Infographics
  • Videos and animations
  • Ad design
  • Presentation assets
  • Custom publication
  • Analytics

The Results

By affiliating Insigniam with these leading innovators, we created something that rising executives wanted to get in on, ultimately leading to their business. In its inaugural year, IQ was distributed to 15,000 clients and prospects per quarter, and the digital content reached more than 1,700 cities worldwide. The print publication increased traffic on-site by 920 percent, and social media drove more than 12,000 annual visits. In the same year, website traffic increased 519 percent, with an additional 200 percent increase the following year. Social media amplification accounted for almost 20 percent of web traffic.


2014 Communicator Award of Excellence, Print-Corporate Magazine

2013 APEX Award of Excellence, “New Magazine or Journal”

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