Problem Statement

The first rule of good marketing is to know your audience. But what’s the right approach when your content should resonate with multiple audiences with varied perspectives and motivations? This was the primary challenge we sought to solve when creating content for Academic Partnerships, an organization that provides students with accessible higher education through online coursework offered as an extension of the university partner. When marketing their programs, AP needed content that would promote their software solutions to deans in addition to other university stakeholders, ranging from professors to the president.


To reach this range of audiences, AP developed personas for each target audience: executive leadership (president, chancellor, CEO, provost, VP, CFO), college leadership (dean, associate dean, assistant dean, department chief), and faculty (professor, instructor, lecturer). Through focused research, we determined their preferences and predispositions: what they valued most and how they consumed content. Key factors included their behaviors, related learning points, barriers to sale, and wants and needs. From this data, we crafted key messages that would resonate with each respective group. These detailed audience personas steered the direction of our content, from blogs to ebooks to web copy. 


By guiding each piece of content with these targeted personas, we increased engagement across multiple platforms and boosted traffic to the AP website. As we gather more data, we continue to develop better insights. With every post, we optimize blog and ebook topics, social media copy, and amplification strategies to ensure our content attracts, informs, and resonates with the university stakeholders from each unique persona.


company name

Academic Partnerships


Audience Personas

Key Messages