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Lennox International

Lennox International Inc. is a manufacturer of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration products and a consultative partner for contractors in those markets.


The Challenge

Lennox needed to build a stronger ongoing relationship with HVAC dealers in order to promote use of their products, shopping at their retail outlets, and enrollment in their training and certification courses. They needed to stake their claim as an expert voice supporting HVAC professionals to ensure continued growth for the business as climate and consumer needs change and the industry evolves.

Our Solutions

D Custom works with the marketing team at Lennox International to produce quarterly custom publications that help HVAC dealers grow their businesses by meeting changing consumer expectations around health, energy, and manufacturing; staying up to date on industry trends; improving hiring and training processes; and bettering marketing efforts — all with the overarching aim to position Lennox as a premier choice and an expert voice in the industry. Additionally, retail campaigns drive engagement and loyalty to make Lennox stores dealers’ one-stop shop for HVAC products. Creative campaigns aim to nurture sales and customer loyalty while helping dealers stock seasonally with promoted equipment.


    • Custom Publications
    • Promotional In-Store Signage
    • Promotional Product Catalogs
    • In-Store Video
    • In-Store Signage
Lennox custom publications
Lennox marketing publications
Lennox pubs
Lennox publications
Lennox in-store counter mat
Lennox shelf talkers
Lennox in-store signage

The Results

In 2017, the inaugural issues of our redesigned quarterly publications won an APEX Award of Excellence in the category of “green” publications. D Custom also produces an average of 35 in-store campaigns, product launches, and permanent signage projects a year that succeed in increasing average order values and customer engagement. (One such campaign increased average order values by 167% and customer engagement by 131%.)


  • 2018 APEX Award of Excellence, Lennox News – Fall 2017, Magazines, Journals and Tabloids – Green
  • 2011 Pearl Awards, Gold Award, Lennox PremierNews, Editorial
  • 2011 Pearl Awards, Silver Award, Lennox PremierNews, Design, Best New Newsletter

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