The Problem


To the weary business traveler, Omni Hotels & Resorts comes as a welcome respite, with chic accommodations, amenity-rich room experiences, and convenient locations in the most coveted cities across North America. In fact, Omni is so convenient for business travel that the brand earned a reputation as the place to stay for busy professionals.

But Omni didn’t want to stop there. To entice travelers to also choose Omni for pleasure travel, the brand wanted to show the ways in which fine living transcends daily life and travel. What better way to discuss dining experiences, travel trends, bespoke products, and must-do adventures than a sensory-rich print and digital experience? 

THE solution


Relying on our award-winning content development team, we created a dual-channel program for Omni Escapes, including a stunning online platform and a luxurious print magazine. Filled with compelling content that appeals to Omni’s affluent customers, the program delivers an experience that appeals to the senses.


In addition to eye-catching photography and stunning design, editorial copy celebrates the trends, products, and features of the upscale lifestyle. The online platform and in-room publication harmoniously convey the luxury, romance, fun, allure, and excitement that embody the Omni brand. The program has been met with critical success, including winning a Communicator Award, Pearl Award, and APEX Award for its print and digital content.