Have retail businesses like Amazon changed the way we travel? You bet your Prime membership they have. Travelers expect quick and convenient transactions, mobile-friendly experiences, and anywhere, anytime service. Digital technology has totally transformed the travel experience. Travel agencies don’t just have to understand travelers now; they have to understand shoppers. Sabre brings smart technology to these agencies to provide the best service to their customers.


Sabre needed to become the preferred provider for corporate travel agencies. We knew that to do this, agents must see the company as a trusted partner, innovator, and thought leader in the industry. It was essential that customers viewed Sabre as having a deep understanding of the shifts in the travel sector and felt that the company was addressing their personal pain points.



To enhance Sabre as a thought leader in this space, we narrowed in on the ways the retail industry is impacting the travel industry and developed a content program around them. During interviews with product specialists, sales teams, and other thought leaders, we identified this relationship between travel and retail as a pain point and trending topic on which Sabre could emerge as the dominant voice. Using Sabre’s own experts, we craft blogs, reports, graphics, and marketing collateral communicating consumer trends and experiences that agents need to know.


The program also includes targeted social media and amplification strategies to engage high-value readers with the brand, bringing more viewers to the blog and providing more potential touch points for the sales team.



These relevant stories continue to engage more and more readers from around the globe; and with this increase, we’ve seen Sabre’s Klout score jump more than 20 points in less than a year. We partner with Sabre each step of the way to ensure we are providing unique and valuable resources for travel agencies and moving Sabre closer to its business objectives.



Company Type: B2B Tech

D Custom Services: Strategy, Content, Amplification, Optimization, Data

D Custom Content Deliverables: Blogs, social media, reports, graphics, marketing collateral

Results: More Klout