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Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance’s key message is “neighbors helping neighbors.” They’re the Agents that show up with a gift basket when you move in or with solutions the day after a storm, an approach that has helped TFBI partner with more than 300,000 customers and their families across Texas.

The Challenge

TFBI is up against both statewide and national competitors, many of which have a distinctive voice and universally known persona. It needed to distinguish itself as a company that’s competitive with those brands and broaden its scope to reach all Texans, in both urban and rural areas.

Our Solutions

To stand out and better connect with the TFBI audience, we created Texas Heritage for Living, a content program to forge a strong relationship between the reader and Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. The deliverables included a website, social media, email campaigns, and a quarterly publication distributed to around 150,000 policyholders aiming to boost retention and loyalty, mitigate losses through preventive and practical tips, and position TFBI Agents as trusted neighbors who understand and share in the reader’s way of life.


  • Custom Magazine
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Social Media
  • Email Campaigns
  • Custom Photography and Video
  • Blog Articles
  • Radio Spots

The Results

Eighty-two percent of readers agree that the magazine has taught them how to protect their family and property. And 81 percent of readers state that the magazine has made them more aware of services offered by TFBI.

Since its launch, the THFL website has garnered 218,948 sessions from 185,139 users with nearly a quarter of a million overall pageviews.

Social media audiences have grown by 50 percent in two years, driving more traffic to the site and boosting loyalty and retention.


Fourteen awards recognizing excellence in print design including illustration, typography, feature design, and cover design.

Seven awards recognizing exceptional photography in Texas Heritage for Living magazines and the Texas Heritage for Living Cookbook.

Eight awards for editorial content, recognizing outstanding print features, blog content, copywriting, and corporate communication material.

Twelve awards for campaigns and marketing programs, including honors for integrated campaigns, distribution strategies, and strategic content.

Six awards for digital strategy, recognizing best-in-class web design, microsites, mobile sites, and video.

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