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Using Humor in B2B Content

Using Humor in B2B Content

To quote “Weird Al” Yankovic, laughter is the very best medicine. But seriously, folks, eliciting a chuckle combats the dryness that can plague B2B content marketing. Using humor in B2B content creates an emotional connection with your audience — it can be your secret weapon in the content marketing war.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Humor equals positivity. If your content induces good vibes and high spirits, it may translate into equally effusive thoughts about your brand. The endorphins released by laughing can even increase pain tolerance, which will really come in handy if you’re trying to sell something especially boring, like downstream multiphase progressing cavity pumps. (Just kidding, we love you, oil and gas industry.)

Wanted: Funny Bone

Another benefit? Intelligence. There’s a reason why so many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes say a sense of humor is No. 1 on their list of attractive traits: Funny means smart, and smart means capable, qualified, successful. By using humor in B2B content, you’re subtly conveying to consumers that your brand is smarter than the average bear. On top of that, people like to feel smart — when they get the joke, they feel like they’re in on it with you.

Come Together

This feeling of bonding over a joke is a proven effect of social laughter. Because humor is inherently human, using it can transform your brand from a faceless corporation into a nice group of folks to do business with. It can also help define your brand and set it apart, which, if you’re in a mundane industry that lends itself to dull content, may very well be a challenge for you, too.

Brighten Your Outlook

Humor has also been shown to make people hopeful, and who wouldn’t want to inspire that in their audience? It can help your customer feel like a solution to his or her problem is out there, and by extension, that your company can provide it.

Commit This to Memory

Perhaps best of all, humor triggers dopamine release, which is important for motivation and long-term memory. Teachers have long since learned that to make a lesson stick, you have to make it funny. Get ’em laughing and you’ll cement your message in their minds indefinitely.

Contact me for a host of ways you can be using humor in your B2B content, or you can find other tips on our blog.