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4 Tips to Enhance Your Content Design

Is Your Content Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking? | D Custom Blog

Looks do matter. First impressions are everything. Content design is one of the most important factors in creating content marketing that your customers will actually read, engage with, and remember.

That may come off as a bit shallow, but hear me out. Marketers who produce good-looking content see massive returns on revenue as well as increased engagement from customers and readers. Almost half of readers say a site’s design is an important indicator of a company’s credibility.

Enhance Your Content Design

Don’t get me wrong, optimizing and creating quality content are obviously still very important aspects to any marketing strategy; but no matter how great your text is, it simply won’t succeed unless it looks as good as it reads.

Make Heads Turn

Content design can dramatically increase your user engagement — but only when it inspires your target audience to click, read, and share. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Pay attention to color. Clashing colors not only make your readers’ eyes ache, they can actually turn them off from your content. Choose contrasting colors for increased readability and use brand colors that convey the emotions you want from your readers (green and natural colors convey an eco-friendly message).
  • Adjust your font size according to where you want them to look first. Headers shouldn’t be the same size as your buttons or footers. Give the readers guideposts to use as they navigate the text.
  • Balance beauty and brains. Successful content design reinforces your content’s message, and a few carefully selected images can actually communicate an idea clearer than a few hundred words of copy. The idea here is not to choose one or the other, but to use them together to tell a full story.
  • Videos are another effective tool to visually convey a message, as they’re fun and shareable. Just be careful not to let them rule the page, since shorter videos produce a more engaged audience (shoot for one to two minutes).

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