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D Custom’s Hiring Process

What It Takes to Work at D Custom

We’re big believers in having a diverse base of perspectives and experiences at D Custom, but there are a few key traits that all future D Custom associates share. We work hard to find candidates who not only exemplify those unique characteristics but who also share our mission and work ethic. Like everything worthwhile, that’s easier said than done, but we think we’ve found a good hiring process.

The Interview

Research has demonstrated time and again how the interview process reveals hiring biases and how managers take 10 seconds to evaluate a candidate only to spend the rest of the interview reinforcing those first impressions. At D Custom, we’re not trying to rewire the human brain, but we do attempt to thwart that tendency by conducting group interviews. Early on in the hiring process, candidates are brought into a group setting with a variety of departments (and personalities) represented. This provides multiple perspectives on a candidate, who can also see how we work together as a team (hint: it can get loud).

The Test

The work-sample test has long been viewed as the best predictor of success, and we agree. For example, every candidate will also get a skills test. Yes, an test — you’d be surprised how many people with long careers do poorly on it. It’s helpful because it quickly weeds out people who are unqualified, but it’s certainly not the only marker we look for in our hiring decisions.

We also have our own personality and intelligence test every candidate must wade through. You must pass both to make it through the hiring process. But above all, we look for the right combination of an exceptional attitude and aptitude for learning. Someone with those will no doubt be able to pick up the ins and outs of the industry. We can train people on content marketing, but it’s more difficult to force an attitude adjustment.

The Personality

The people who make it to the bottom of our hiring process funnel are competent, smart, and willing to work, and they have passed our editing and personality tests. But we also look for that elusive x factor that ensures their success in our unique environment.

The kinds of people who do well at D Custom don’t just ask questions and voice new ideas to deliver for our customers, but they work hard to see those ideas through. Clearly we’re looking for a very specific constellation of experiences and ideals. But when we find it, we’re able to offer a supportive environment that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, rewards risk-taking, sees failure as just one step on the path to success, and values the innate need to ask, “How can we do this better?”

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