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Everything You Need to Know About D Custom’s New Digital Strategist

We interrupt your program to bring you this important message: D Custom has hired a new digital strategist!

Ashley Farmer is an adventure-enthusiast from Colorado who applies that same worldly curiosity to thrive in the ever-changing realm of digital marketing. She comes to our team with four years of experience in the industry, along with a background in public relations, a passion for digital strategy, and some great Dallas dining recommendations. At D Custom, she’s our newest SEO and social media whiz — her knowledge of search-optimized content, trend analysis, amplification, and beyond is already being put to good use for all of our clients’ projects.

If you can’t tell, we’re stoked to have Ashley on board. Here’s a dozen things that make our new teammate extra-awesome:

1. She was born and raised in Colorado, where she first discovered her love for the outdoors, dry air, and the Denver Broncos.

2. In 2018, Ashley and her husband Ryan decided they wanted to try living somewhere new and moved to Dallas.

3. When she’s not at work, you can probably find Ashley outside. She’s an aficionado of hiking, camping, boating, and even four-wheeling.

4. Ashley is a self-proclaimed foodie. Most of her weekends are spent searching for new, yummy places to eat — it’s probably her favorite part of living in Dallas.

5. Her favorite food? Pizza. In fact, if she could only eat one food for the rest of her life, it’d be pizza. (Her favorite joint in DFW is Zoli’s NY Pizza.)

6. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho. During her time there, she took volunteer trips to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

7. Ashley’s favorite thing to do is travel. In her lifelong quest to see all seven continents, her next expedition will be to Greece.

8. Her favorite places to visit include New York City, Austin, Seaside, FL, and Jackson, WY.

9. Ashley is a bit of an adrenaline junkie: She loves roller coasters, cliff jumping, and bungee jumping. The next big thrill on her list: skydiving.

10. In the true spirit of a strategist, she’s obsessed with planning. Checklists, planners, calendars, agendas — if it helps her stay organized, she uses it.

11. If she hadn’t studied PR and marketing, she’d have tried psychology.

12. Ashley’s rainy days are spent at the movie theater. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is her favorite flick of all time.

Welcome to the team, Ashley!

Learn more about the team at D Custom at our bios page, or say hello by contacting us directly.