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Knocking Out Facebook’s New Obstacles

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In early 2015, Facebook picked a fight with a lot of content marketing experts. Changes to the social media platform put some digital publishers down for the count to the tune of a third of their referral traffic, or more. Facebook engagement — all the likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs — fell across the board for brands and publishers alike. If your content marketing strategy is hitched to the world’s most popular social media network, you need to respond quickly to keep customers in your corner.

Facebook’s Boxing Breakdown

Facebook kicked off the year with a gut-punch to many businesses: penalizing promotional organic posts. Any brand’s posts that only pushed users to buy something, or that reused exact wording from paid ads, would cause “organic distribution to fall significantly over time.” By February, word was out that the newest Facebook algorithm had turned posting photos — once the best way to engage users — into the worst way to reach them. So much for influencer marketing. In July, Facebook rolled out its “See First” feature, allowing users to customize their feeds to prioritize updates from the people and pages they care about the most. Businesses were left with the prospect of nagging their followers to add them to their “See First” lists, or risk being knocked down a few more pegs on news feeds.

How You Can Fight Back
Short of paying for ads, you can maximize your reach this year by remembering a few simple tips:

Follow Facebook’s best practices: Mark Zuckerberg and Company flat-out tell you how to keep their algorithm happy. Strictly subscribe to their suggestions and you’ll instantly be better off than probably half of the brands out there.

Put yourself in your shoes: Content shouldn’t feel like marketing. Post things you’d like to see on your personal news feed, in a way that would be compelling and useful to you.

Research: Give the people what they want. Study your old posts that users really engaged with and try to capture that same style and substance in every post. Then there’s social listening, which reveals what people are saying about you and your competitors. Capitalize on those knowledge points, build new supporting content pieces, and make it count. D Custom has a variety of ways that Facebook can help your brand grow without putting your budget on the ropes. For more, contact us or — that’s right — connect with us on Facebook.