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D Custom Is the Best Content Marketing Firm in Dallas

D Custom Is the Best Content Marketing Firm in Dallas

It’s a unique thing to be part of a growing, thriving company — one that has expanded for several years straight. We started in 2002 as a custom publishing arm of D Magazine Partners and grew into a full-service digital marketing agency a few years later. Today, we like to think of ourselves as the best content marketing firm in Dallas (and quite possibly, the world!).

Every few weeks brings new hires, new clients, and new work, it seems. And we often wistfully remember those early years of a handful of employees as we add to our numbers and size.

Getting here took more than elbow grease — though we put in plenty of long hours. We owe our growth to an approach to marketing that responds to the changing nature of customer behavior. This netted real business results for our clients and — spoiler alert — brought in more business for us.

Who’s in Control of Today’s Buying Cycle?

We are living in a digital world, and we are digital beings. It is our goal to meld the traditional art of content creation and publishing with the digital world — and get results. How do we do this? We produce highly valuable content that brings in customers. 

By the time a buyer gets to the sales team, they have already done extensive research and come to some conclusions on their own. This changes the traditional role of the salesperson: They do not get to manage the story from the beginning to the end of the buying cycle.

So what do you do? You help them by giving them the information they’re looking for and then some. The idea is to pull the customer in, rather than push messages out. You may never get back full control over the buying cycle, but you’ll certainly be able to guide future customers to the path you want them to take and be able to control more of the message.

So How Do You Get the Customers to Read This Content?

Good question. You have to make sure you reach the right people at the right time. At D Custom, we first begin with a strategy that determines where those future customers are and how to reach them, from social media and email marketing to native advertising and SEO (search engine optimization). In fact, SEO is a good example of our approach — getting quality content to customers and increasing sales — at work. 

Being the best agency in Dallas means staying on top of not only what’s working but also what’s going to work into the future in the digital sphere. There are some technical things that you need to do to achieve good SEO (and to be honest with you, parts of this blog are aiming to achieve those things). But today, more than anything, ranking in search means creating quality content that people actually want to read. 

For instance, SEO used to be about putting as many high-value keywords as possible — regardless of whether or not they are applicable —  into a piece of content to get people to click on it (i.e., clickbait — think Kardashian; see what I did there?). Google learned that tactic pretty quickly and began “punishing” companies by taking that into consideration when returning content on the search engine results page (SERP), thus preventing click-baited, keyword-stuffed content from reaching many people. 

Today, Google’s black box algorithm tries to match the searcher’s intent with quality content that provides the best answers to their questions. So, we design content that will do that. Our most important keywords contain the topics readers are looking to find out more about (and help lead the reader to content that satisfies that need). These keywords aren’t what we think will trick you into reading our content. 

So if you’re here to find out what makes the best content marketing firm in Dallas, then mission accomplished — you landed on content that was designed for you. 

How Does the Best Content Marketing Firm in Dallas (or the World) Get Results?

So, if you want to be the best content marketing firm in Dallas, the best content marketing firm in the United States, or the best content marketing firm in the world, creating compelling content is key for more reasons than just ranking on search results pages. We’ve found it helps customers move through that buying cycle toward a purchase.

Take our SEO tactic as an example. Even if keyword stuffing did work, that SEO strategy doesn’t benefit anyone. Yeah, you may get pageviews (until Google figures out what you are doing and kicks you to page 20), but that doesn’t mean those people are going to buy your product (i.e., convert) or come back and read more of your content and up your ad revenue. 

Though it’s a cliché, it’s true when it comes to customers: You need quality over quantity. We’d rather have high rates of customer conversions and return readers over high pageviews and bounce rates. 

At D Custom, we seek to produce engaging, well-written content that answers the questions the target audience is asking — and are often asking Google. But we do so not just to get them to the website, but also because it helps convert them into customers. 

We take the same quality-over-quantity approach and apply it to our Google Ad strategy. A successful Google Ad does more than generate traffic; it generates qualified traffic that is more likely to buy your products (probably after reading a few pieces of high-quality content). We’re not just looking for traffic; we’re looking for traffic that converts.

Sometimes We Dig Into Our Past to Move Forward

Fortunately for us, producing great content that works online comes easy: We take our publishing mentality and combine it with strategies that will succeed in the digital space. Our strong editorial heritage comes from our magazine publishing parent company and, as the best digital marketing agency in Dallas, we have never lost that hard-boiled journalistic approach to our work. It keeps us focused on the reader and on delivering real stories worthy of their time. 

How do we get to content that converts? Well, practice. And data. Lots of data. 

Practice Makes Perfect

When we think about digital marketing and strategy, data plays a huge role. It helps us build and improve instead of just repeating the same pattern over and over again. We want to be an Escher — building and improving on patterns — not a fractal, which just repeats over and over again. 

How do we do this? After we create and publish content, we employ data-mining and a dedicated team of editors, strategists, and analysts who monitor that data to gather insights on reader and user behavior. These insights allow us to revisit previous content strategies and executions to see where we had wins and examine other areas that could use improvement. Taking those measurements and analytics and using them to increase the effectiveness of all of our content — from blogs to white papers to advertising campaigns and social media — is what we call “optimizing” (a little industry jargon for you). And we do this continuously. It never ever stops.

The best content marketing is a loop that repeats and results in more effective content with every iteration, and the best digital marketing agencies recognize and place the loop at the core of their operations. 

Conclusion (For Now)

We mean it when we say we believe we’re the best content marketing firm in Dallas (and the world). 

Check back and see what we’re up to or sign up for our monthly email, and we’ll send the best of the best content straight to your inbox. And for more information on SEO, SERP, content creation, and strategy, or anything else you would like to discuss, follow us. We promise not to lead you astray.