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Star Trek + Product Placement + HPE Amplification = ROI

Star Trek + Product Placement + HPE Amplification = ROI

Want to see your brand up on the big screen? We can’t blame you. Who wouldn’t? Product placement in U.S. movies and TV shows has become big business, expected to grow to an $11 billion industry by 2019. But questions remain about its effectiveness and the best practices to connect the placement to prospective customers.

Product placement is just one part of a much larger marketing effort.

Smart content marketers leverage any and all assets when creating good, engaging content — and that includes product placement — which is exactly what we did for one of our longest standing clients, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), the official enterprise technology partner of the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond.

Boldly Going

While we can’t take credit for the decision to place the HPE brand in the film, we recognized that it created a natural opportunity for D Custom to amplify the product placement with content about the partnership and the HPE-inspired technology featured in the film.

We wrote an article for the HPE thought-leadership website we developed and run, Enterprise Forward. It explained how HPE, in collaboration with the filmmakers, designed a number of different ideas for the future of technological advances that could be featured in the film. In our article, we were also able to link to other coverage of HPE’s partnership with the film. We made a special effort to explain how, in the film, HPE’s thinking about The Machine is very much inspired by the HPE mission of transforming clients’ businesses through digital innovation.

Tribble-ing Our Reach

We then amplified our article via paid promotion on social channels (Twitter and LinkedIn) as well as through a content delivery network that helped us target IT decision-makers who may also happen to be Trekkies. This combination of tactics helped bring more than 6,000 new users to Enterprise Forward and resulted in more than 2 million impressions via social amplification.

Any marketing investment, like a product placement in a film, is typically significant. But leveraging that investment with high-quality content that extends the reach and connects the placement to your core business helps turn exposure into return on investment.

For more information on building on product placement with high-quality content and paid promotion, contact us.